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Working Towards a Better Tomorrow



Here at Lady Rose Sorority, we see the value in everyone. We want to be a catalyst for positive change, and since our beginnings in 2003, we’ve been driven by the same ideas we initially founded our Women Association upon - support, empowerment, and progress. Learn more about our history, mission, and how we go about making the changes we want to see.

How we started... A reflection from our founder, Lakesha Afolabi

May 15, 2003 Lady Rose was founded in Hollywood, Florida. May is my birth month and for me the new year of life brings about a burst of motivation. I wanted to start something new. As a single parent with school aged children at the time, I felt an urgency to stay focused on my goals more than ever. My children deserved a positive example and my goal was to be the best mom that I could be. Several of my close friends were also single parents working diligently to strike a balance between motherhood and their careers or careers and starting a family. Our list of issues seemed to have a common top five!  Making time for our spirituality, relationship goals, family goals, educational goals, and career goals. Those were the topics of most of our conversations. We needed support, we offered it to each other and I thought, why not extend this bond to other women. So, I sat down and typed ideas surrounding a support group for women. I can remember feeling excited. I went to Kinko's and printed out the Lady Rose Overview and registration applications on pink paper. I passed them out to my friends, cousins, and a few business colleagues.


The presentation was all about Lady Rose Women's Association. After one year and seven months of planning, promoting, and hosting brunches. I presented Lady Rose to my cousin Leonca Woods (former Vice-President) and friend Natasha N. Calloway (former Chairperson). They both agreed to help me push forward with the plans. On Thursday, December 23, 2004, Lady Rose Women's Association was incorporated as a nonprofit organization in Hollywood, Florida.

Years later I continue to be inspired by the stories and accomplishments of the sisters I have met over time. It is my hope to be an inspiration to my sisters and women in our communities. Mentorship for young ladies is a service that I personally aspire to achieve.  Especially the mentoring of teenage mothers, because I was a teen parent. My college experience was non-traditional. That's how I was registered, as a non-traditional student. Options for sisterhood and mentorship were not available to me. As a teen parent in high school, my counselors did not recommend higher education, but I thank God for having parents who did. My parents encouraged me then and continued to do so now. Unfortunately, every young lady doesn't have parents or a support group. Which is why Lady Rose Sorority strives to foster an environment of support for women and girls. My hope is that Lady Rose will be known for our unmatched bond of sisterhood and service. We have a purpose and that purpose is to evolve into the women we were designed (by God) to be and use our love and strength (united) to rise above.

Lady Rose Sorority's first print application.
Today and Beyond

Since establishing in 2003, Lady Rose has transitioned to a full-fledged African-lettered sorority. On September 1, 2018 the Articles of Association were amended. The association was renamed to Lady Rose Sorority and adopted Eban Bese Saka Eban as the sorority's official Adinkra letters. Charitable services continue to be offered  through the group's non profit, Lady Rose Foundation.


As Lady Rose Sorority moves forward with faith expansion is inevitable! This is a growing sorority with much work to do. The opportunity for new leaders to step forward and make a difference is here! Feel free to browse the site and ask questions.

Archives from 2005
Lady Rose Sorority former VP Leonca Woods and President Lakesha Woods Afolabi

The article above on Lady Rose Women's Association features (left to right) Leonca Woods former VP and Lakesha Woods (Afolabi) Founder & National President. The article was published inside Enjoy Life Newsletter on January 25, 2005. Click the image to view closer or view our Archive to see more.

Lady Rose Sorority archived presentation from former Chairperson Natasha N. Calloway.

The document above is dated February 16, 2005. It is an outline of research on the duties of a Community Liaison and promotional ideas for youth outreach programs. This was written and presented by by former Chairwoman Natasha N. Calloway..

Our African Adinkra Letters  & Coat of Arms

The Adinkra letters translate in English to the letters E.V.E. We use the acronym EVE as a dual name. The acronym EVE also represents our motto. Although our slogan is shared with the public on marketing material and in advertisements, our motto is only shared with members. 


Each Adinkra letter also has a symbol that corresponds with it. They both hold a numerical value, virtue, literal meaning, physical meaning and metaphysical meaning. The Adinkra alphabet, symbols and their meanings are not a secret and can be found online. We simply choose to teach those meanings and share our motto with our sisters. Having a shared sentiment uplifts us positively and strengthens our bond. 


The official coat of arms includes our jewel, letters, and name. It also includes the year Lady Rose was established, our mascot (Lady Rose) and the Adinkra symbols. The banner holds the written form of the Adinkra letters which is the acronym that represents our motto. 


Our Foundation & Why we use African Adinkra Letters

Originally Lady Rose was an association for professional businesswomen. We did not call our group a sorority or use the African Adinkra letters and symbols until 2018. Many collegiate and non-collegiate sororities use Greek letters, and most require prospective members to be matriculating at an accredited college or university. If the candidate for membership already has a degree, she may join an alumna chapter. We wanted to do something different. Our foundation is based on supporting professional business women and business owners. Our membership does not require matriculation at a college or university for those who meet the requirements established for business owners. Though we have not chartered on any university campuses we welcome college students to join us. We are expanding and we have been approached by students who would like to charter chapters at HBCUs. 


We completely respect our brothers and sisters from both Greek and non-Greek-lettered organizations. If it were not for those who came before us, we would not have many of the platforms or freedom to develop the groups that we have today. We thank you all and pray for your support of our transition to an African Lettered Sorority. We pay homage to (a select few) Greek Lettered Fraternities and Sororities through donations for their community initiatives.  


All races and nationalities are welcome to join us. Our purpose of becoming an African Lettered Sorority is for women of the African Diaspora to come together and learn about our lost African culture and heritage.


"Though there will be many to dispute that we are a sorority. Some may classify us as a cultural group. But, we are indeed a sisterhood, and our bonds will prove that to be a fact." - Lakesha Afolabi


Adinkra Symbols &

Alphabet Education


It would be very remiss of us if we did not give credit to our education sources in Adinkra. We obtained our education of the Adinkra Alphabet and symbols from various African teachers, leaders, and courses such as the African Principles for Personal Development, instructed by Kah Walla, CEO of Strategies! Consulting Firm. Kah Walla is a globally recognized Political Leader, Activist, and Entrepreneur from Cameroon. Our president has personally spent several years studying the Adinkra Alphabet and symbols from other sources such as by Charles Korankye. He is the author of Adinkra Alphabet: The Adinkra Symbols As Alphabets and Their Hidden Meanings. 

Our Members

Our members consist of women that are 21 years of age and older. The occupations of the women in Lady Rose vary; however, most members are business owners. We are sisters, mothers, wives, and women who continue to help flourish this earth with good seeds that come from our heart. Each member has met all requirements to become apart of this sorority. We are determined and ready to Rise against Obstacles with Strength to Endure!


*Special Note


Lady Rose Sorority, is a non religious, non political, organization. Our members are from various walks of life and religious backgrounds. We encourage our members to be involved and fellowship with their respective communities. We do not represent one particular religion as a whole, we do not endorse any retail brands as a group, nor do we endorse politicians as a group. Members are not required to participate in activities that go against their religious, spiritual or political beliefs.

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