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Join Us

What do you have to gain?

Aside from gaining new sisters within a supportive environment. Members gain leadership development, academic support, and business support, with opportunities throughout the year to network with other entrepreneurs.

How to Join

By Invitation or Inquiry

Membership is by invitation. However, you are welcome to inquire with a local chapter's CO (community organizer) to find out if the chapter is taking applications for new members. Without an approved invitation, you will be asked to submit a personal and professional letter of recommendation (one of each) from two people who have known you for at least 5 years. The list below outlines additional requirements that must be met before you become a member of our sorority. Keep in mind, your invitation does not guarantee membership. All *associates must meet the minimum requirements and complete the following tasks before they are officially admitted as a member of Lady Rose.  Each local chapter is restricted to a maximum of 300 members per chapter. So, if you are invited, please do consider it as an honor.

General Requirements

What does it take?

While being in college or possessing a college degree is not a requirement, having a lifestyle that reflects constructive activities or accomplishments is required.

Minimum Age

How old are you?

  • Must be at least 21 years old to be invited. Under 21? Consider the Rose Blossom Fellowship (see below)

Registration Fee

Upfront fee

  • The upfront  New Member Registration Fee is  $300.00 and it is due when you accept your bid or when you are approved to Pledge with Lady Rose Sorority. View fee schedule

Lifestyle Match

Ladies with a proven track record of community service and those who are available to volunteer. 

  • The ideal candidate for Lady Rose Sorority should have a genuine desire to serve her community. She is interested in leadership development, character enrichment, and social change. She has a proven track record of activities that demonstrate her past and present philanthropic activities. 

  • She is willing to dedicate 12 hours per year to community service or outreach programs of her choice. 


Application for Membership

I pledge to uphold the sorority mission and confirm that I meet the general requirements. During the initiation process, I solemnly swear to commit to the recruitment process. I will decline invitations from all other organizations during my initiation. I promise to attend the required activities as an Associate. I understand that as an Associate I am privy to sorority information and I promise to keep such information confidential. I (YOUR NAME) pledge virtually online to LADY ROSE SORORITY, INC.

Thanks for submitting!

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