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Our Mission

Rise against Obstacles with Strength to Endure

 Our mission is to inform, enlighten, and encourage women. We believe to truly be free from our demons, we must first be ready and willing to acknowledge what they are. We are proud, strong, and confident women who have the ability to lead. We are teachers who lead by example and educate from real-life experiences. In our communities, we are custodians of culture charge with the responsibility to preserve and protect our cultures. We stand as advocates for victims of domestic violence and child abuse. Our mission is to assist families and individuals in distress to make life transitions.


We support women as they aspire to further their education, and as advocates for literacy, we offer programs to encourage reading and writing. As guardians of our neighborhoods, we accept it as our duty to support community development and the growth of small businesses.


We give love and create peace wherever we go. Through social and charitable activities, we express our commitment to our communities. We teach our sisters how to love, live in peace, and build healthy families in today's society.


We promise to develop and strengthen our sisterhood by taking responsibility for our actions and our roles as mentors. We shall evolve virtuously and enlighten others. We will educate on self-sufficiency, spirituality, physical wellness, mental health, and emotional restoration. We are committed to overcoming our mistakes, moving forward in life with a positive attitude, and to being beautiful inside and out, just as a ROSE should be.  


-Revised January 25, 2023

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